1) Organize a fundraising event to support the cause!

If you have been heartened by this cause like ourselves and would like to help by organizing a fundraising event, get in touch with us.  In general, this is done in a very autonomous way: you propose an event and become the event leader.  The ngo may be able to support some of these activities. Feel free to contact us at admin@paper4all.org to know more and get some materials such as pictures, logos, etc.  You can also find these materials here


2) Summer volunteering programme

Do you want to feel the excitement of living in a local community, do the right thing and make a difference? Paper for All can guide you and coordinate an amazing volunteeering programme to teach to children in Burkina Faso during a summer.
What do volunteers do during the programme?  Volunteers teach 3-5 hours a day in classes of 50-80 pupils, aged 6-14 years old.  These are summer courses and ages vary as some pupils drop out of school to help their parents or because of diseases and reintegrate only a few years later.  Typical fields taught are French, Geography, English, Mathematics, etc.
How many volunteers can participate and what is their profile?  Seats are limited, up to 15 volunteers can participate.  Typically, volunteers are between 18-25 and come from universities, business, political and medical schools.  However there is no restriction on age or background.
When does the programme take place?  The programme typically takes place in the first three weeks of August.  The last programme took place in July/August 2011.
How long does it last? The programme typically last three weeks.
What is Paper for All’s role? Paper for All will take care of coordination, transport from/to airports and house, house and schools.
How to apply? Please send us an email with your CV and a few bullet points on your reasons for applying at admin@paper4all.org
How was this born? Paper for All was asked by volunteers to develop a volunteering programme where autonomous volunteers could go teach in Burkina Faso.  This is a great opportunity to make a difference.
What experience is required? No specific experience is required but a will to make a difference and spend time with the children. This is usually a very thrilling and rewarding activity.
Who were previous volunteers, can we get in touch? You can get in touch with the volunteers who left during the previous years, we will put you in touch.  There is closed group on Facebook too.  In 2011, the volunteers came from HEC, Sciences Politiques Paris, Sorbonnes, Ecole Centrale in Paris.  One volunteer came from the UK.  In the past, several volunteers came from Canada or the United States.
Are there conditions? You need to have at least 18 years old and be autonomous to teach classes of 90 children aged between 6 and 14.  The spoken languages are French and English and you need to speak French at a medium level.   Volunteers are also requested to be fully autonomous and take care of their own air transportation, visa, insurance and vaccines.
Can you get financial support? You may be eligible for a 1000$ scholarship from Volunteer Abroad Scholarship for airfare, and/or other costs. Go! Overseas is an online resource designed to help people look for programs abroad.  This programme is totally separate from Paper for All and all applications have to be made directly with them.  In addition, there exists some local funding (French state, regions, etc.).  Finally, some of your expenses can be considered as a donation and get tax deduction.
Some more information?  To facilitate your path as a potential volunteer, Paper for All has created the following documents, which you should read if you want to go to Burkina Faso.